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10 “worth-visiting” places in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia and the world map. From skyscrapers to street blocks of traditional buildings, bustling streets to tranquil towns, people to culture, the island country can definitely satisfy your appetite for traveling and discovering.

As there are numerous attractions in Japan, in this article, we recommend most 10 “worth-visiting” places when you spend your whole vocation here.

1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the first destination to visit in Japan. As one of the world’s most modern cities and most populous metropolitan areas, Japan’s capital city offers almost all things a tourist needs for their travel.


Getting here, you should visit at least one of three famous tourist attractions, including Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo DisneySea. If your vacation lasts longer, you might observe the night skyline for free from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku, walk across the famous Shibuya Crossing– the businest pedestrian crossing all of Tokyo, stroll down at the crazy fashions of Takeshita Street in Harajuku, drive a Real-life Mario Kart along the streets and even enjoy cherry blossoms in traditional gardens (in spring).

2. Kyoto

Kyoto is the heart of traditional Japan, a sacred city with iconic Buddhist temples, Fushimi Inari shrines, palaces, gardens, bamboo forests and Gion Matsuri Festival celebrated in July. Served as the imperial capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years and currently the capital of Kyoto prefecture, the city has conserved and preserved a rich and vibrant traditional culture, making it an ideal destination for those who are engaged in Japanese culture.


Kyoto is nationally famous for Geisha trained for years in the traditional Japanese arts to become perfect entertainers. They often appear at high-end dinners, private parties and special events to add a special touch to the proceedings.

3. Takayama

Other place in which you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities is Takayama located near the northern Japan Alps. The city is popular with one of the best-preserved old towns in Japan, especially Sanmachi Suji district.

It offers three narrow lanes that lined with traditional merchant houses, shops selling traditional crafts, restaurants serving local specialties, and sake breweries.


The “must-experience” activities in Takayama are visit Takayama Festival happening twice a year to celebrate the onset of Spring and Autumn, pass through temples on the Higashiyama Walk, check out the museum of Matsuri no Mori, and gaze at the Yatai Kaikan, an exhibition hall filled with festival displays and floats.

4. Nara

Located less than an hour from Kyoto, Nara is also a perfect place for those who prefer the stunning scenery and peace of old temples. Japan’s first permanent capital is home to well-preserved artwork and cultural pieces dating back to the 8th century, making it one of the most famous place of culture and history interest in the country.


Here are some of its famous tourist attractions: Todai-ji temple with the Great Buddha, the Kasuga-taisha shrine- the most important Shinto shrine in Nara, and Nara Park where you can explore temples, museum, and spot wildlife at the same time.

5. Hiroshima

Hiroshima, located on Honshu Island is a “must-go” place in which you witness how the city has made a great comeback since the tragedy on August 6, 1945. On that day, a nuclear bomb was dropped on the city, killing over 100,000 of its residents and destroying many of its buildings.

Itsukushima Shrine_Hiroshima

Today, almost all visitors to the city visit the Peace Memorial Park and Museum to commemorate victims of the nuclear attack. In addition, they often check out Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage site; Hiroshima Castle, the residence of local nobleman Fukushima Masanori ; Shukkein-en Garden, imitation of the poetic West Lake in Hangzhou, China and  Fudenosato-kobo museum on the outskirts.

6. Nikko

Nikko, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, is actually a temple town at the entrance to Nikko National Park. The town is famous for its quality collection of shrines and temples and natural surroundings that promise to satisfy the need of discovering culture and enjoying the beauty of nature of any travelers.


The hottest destination of Nikko is the Toshogu Shrine served as a mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate. Make sure that you also check out the national park offering scenic mountainous landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, wild monkeys and many hiking trails. Other popular attractions are Shin-kyō bridge, Futarasan Shrine and t Kanmangafuchi Abyss.

7. Kobe

Kobe is an enchanting city surrounded by the sea and Mt. Rokko. It offers a variety of activities, adventures, shops, and restaurants to explore, so becomes a good place for those who’d love to enjoy a modern life.


Getting there, you have chance to relax at Arima Onsen – a hot spring resort located at the center of the city, stroll around Sorakuen – a traditional Japanese landscape garden, walk up Mount Rokko for a panoramic view of Kobe and neighboring Osaka, ride above the city on the Kobe Ropeway and visit the Earthquake Museum.

8. Tohoku

Tohoku region, which refers to the northern part of Japan’s largest island, is a good place for sightseeing activities. It attracts tourists with stunning natural beauty featured by charming countryside, snowy mountains, ancient castles, pristine lakes, hot springs, high quality rice and rough winters.


Here are “must-visit” destinations in Tohoku: Nyuto Onsen Village where tourists can engage in once-in-a-lifetime experience of bathing in outdoor hot springs; Hirosaki Castle, famous for cherry blossoms and Gejobashi Bridge; Yama-dera Mountain Temple where tourists may get incredible views of the valley from Godaido Hall at the top and the traditional Kakunodate Samurai Village.

9. Osaka

If you are a shopaholic, love shopping or even window-shopping, you should make a visit to Osaka. Your appetite will certainly be satisfied at Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, two of the major shopping areas in southern Osaka.

Not just that, this area offers a variety of streets food to taste and fun things to do, so you will never get bored during your travel.


In addition, you may visit Tennoji where you can see the tallest skyscraper in Japan, Abeno Harukas; Shitennoji Temple, Japan’s oldest official temple and Tennoji Park, offering a zoological garden and an art museum.

10. Hakone

The picturesque mountainous village Hakone has made a worldwide reputation with hot springs and Mt. Fuji, one of the most favorite destinations of both local and foreign tourists during climbing season, from early July to the middle of September.

Mt.Fuji- Hakone

Regarding hot springs, they’re crowded all year long. People choose to here to completely relax and warm up their body in winter days. Go hand in hand with it, tourists often hike the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, of which the preferred route is from Owakudani to Lake Ashinoko. Many who love the peaceful atmosphere at temples and shrines also check out Hakone Shrine lied at the end of Lake Ashinoko.

So, there are our suggestion of best 10 destinations to visit in Japan. Hope that it works with those who are wondering of finding somewhere to go over their trip in this country.

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