On my blog today, I will introduce to you the Crispy fried chicken wrapped sticky steamed rice dishes (or Mini “Locked Up Chicken”). There was a time I saw this recipe in all processing instructions and posted on the Internet through Facebook or the cooking website regularly. And I had a preparation to try this dish, but the weight of a chicken is too much because I do not have any saucepan which big enough to fry it as “flooded” as possible in oil, so I has decided to use the smaller chicken, it’s easy to do while maintaining a good level as the large version. I also have to add some vegetables to the ingredients for stuffing inside, just It is not too beautiful to eat. You can find these “chicken” that looks small but that will be very hard to be able to eat them all

Now, We’ll start Cooking.

MATERIAL (for 10 small pieces)
– 500g glutinous rice
– 3 parts of chickens (about 350g), boneless and skin
– 2 small carrots and Figure diced
– 200gr fresh or frozen peas
– 150g sweet corn
– 1 tablespoon soy sauce
– Salt and pepper
– Cooking oil


*Sticky Steamed Rice: you can cook it with the small weaving. But I’ll cook it with rice cooker for convenience. Put rice into the pot, pour water, sprinkle with salt and turn on rice cooker as usual is.
– Preheat skillet on the stove, for chicken, sprinkle with salt and pepper, fried yellow sides. Fried chicken after finishing Status / torn into small pieces.
– Put the pan back on the stove, add a little oil if you find it necessary, for carrot (Figure diced) on the pan and mix them with a little salt. Next for peas, sweet corn and a part of the chicken (shredded) with a tablespoon soy sauce for the charming. Stir the ingredients together for a few minutes and then remove from the heat.
– Shapping the outer layer (the steamed sticky rice): Divide the cooked steamed sticky rice into 10 equal parts, use your hands to laminating them on pieces of plastic food wrap. Gently place the stuffing in the middle of them, wrapped them by folding the edges of the plastic pieces together so that the sealed-off private parts.
– Molded them while you press gently to be sure and rounded-off, then remove the nilon layer out the piece.
Put these pieces into hot oil for fried crispy sides, then get them on the paper to absorb the oil.

So we finished!

We will cut into 4 parts this dish when eating for convenience. Enjoy it with some cucumber slices and soy sauce or chili sauce was delicious. The outer layer is brittle inner layer is plastic, stuffed raw materials is charming without feeling the fatty.

Wish you all the successful for implementation this dish!

See you guys in the next article,

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