The egg tart was too familiar, and then, The summer must have cool and taste tart? You would be not so tired that the cake tastes slightly sour again will make you extremely interesting like that. Now let’s go to the kitchen with me to discover how to do the Lemon tart for this summer!


-1 egg to at room temperature

-70 g sugar

-80 g butter at room temperature

-1/6 Tsp salt bloom

-1 Tbsp mayonnaise

-210 g flour

-3 eggs

-70 g sugar

-1 Tsp lemon peel shavings

-Water from 3-4 lemon

-6 Tbsp butter crackers

-½ Tsp salt

Part ice cream:
-240 ml heavy cream to conditioning.

-2 Tbsp powdered sugar (sugar mill)

-½ Tsp vanilla essence


-1 oven

-1 baking tray with cupcake

-1 cooking spray (spray against stick)

-1 mixer

-1 bag squeeze the cream (if not you can use plastic bags)

How to do

Step 1:

-Retrieved 1 pot, 3 eggs with 70 g of sugar and ½ Tsp salt and lemon peel in small cells were out, beat until the mixture is smooth, then pour the lemon juice on, add 6 Tbsp of butter. For cooking pot in medium heat, stirring until the butter melt and mixture thickens, then stopped. Let the mixture boil lightly, then filter the mixture through a sieve filter.

-To at room temperature to cool less, and then wrapped in paper-wrapped food into the fridge and for wait while the crust.

Part crust:
Step 2:

-Preheat the oven at a temperature of 180° C

-1 egg Beaten with 70 g of sugar in medium speed until the mixture bubbles. For the butter on medium speed and beat for 3-5 minutes until the mixture fluffy characteristics. Then, add mayonnaise and salt blooms in the same rating.

-For wheat flour in, just 75 g once then were until the mixture becomes powder form.

Step 3:

-Use your hands to roll the mixture into the cupcake baking tray with medium circle, if the mixture is too sticky, you let more of flour to keep it.

-Spray on baking tray release compounds and then put the mixture into the Park.

Step 4:

-Press cake trays, you press around the Park to give the Member the thin bread on ya because when baked they’ll bloom to it.

Step 5:

-For in the oven at a temperature of 180° C until the edges turn into dark yellow in color (about 10 minutes), then dropped out of the oven and let it cool for about 5-7 minutes

Part ice cream:
Tip: You let all of the gadgets to hit the ice cream and heavy cream in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. As easy as whipped cream cold

Step 6:

-240 ml heavy cream Beat at high speed until smooth, then steam for 2 Tbsp powdered sugar and ½ Tsp of vanilla to the beat at high speed until stiff and become ice cream (about 1 minute). Not too long ago, the special powder and mixture will leave. To in the refrigerator until needed

Step 7:

-For the lemon in part 1 to the crust.

Step 8:

-Use bag cream cream side up section squeeze squeeze the cake.

I wish you successful work the Lemon tart

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