Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in the world. They are made from the seeds of the cacao tree, dried and finely ground. Today, there are many types of dark chocolate-you-la are diverse variations fit many people’s taste. Today I would like to share with you the simple format of categorized of chocolate in order to help you have much more consistent choice for yourself!

Chocolate is one of the popular materials and in many different forms. The difference in shape and the taste is due to the mix of different ingredients or can also do temperature and baking time a higher seed.

1, dark chocolate – chocolate powder or bitter:

Is kind of dark chocolate-she-la, bold smell and bitter taste of cacao tree naturally. After being mixed with sugar, it is the raw materials of the products containing dark chocolate cake-she-la, such as cakes, biscuits …

2, dark chocolate or chocolate powder:

Is dark chocolate-you-la and no milk. It is sometimes called the “dark chocolate-you-la”. The United States Government regulations must be at least 15% dark chocolate-she-la, also in Europe, the regulation is 35%. In Vietnam, then almost no rules at all!

3, dark chocolate white:

Is cocoa butter-high was concocted without ca-high.

4, dark- milk chocolate:

Is dark chocolate-you-la was mixed with milk powder or condensed milk to create the sweetness. The us government regulations at least must have at least 10% chocolate essence-she-la, also in Europe, the regulation of 25%.

5, Sweet medium Chocolate:

They are often used in cooking. It was the dark chocolate-you-la black with very high sugar content inside.

6, Bitter sweet chocolate

Is a kind of dark chocolate-you-la contains sugar, cocoa butter-higher than many, they also contain more lecithin and vanilla. A lot of manufacturers are usually indicated on the packaging of high-content contained inside. There is a rule as follows: the more the higher-dark chocolate-you-la will be more bitter.

7, Couverture:

Is a kind of dark chocolate-you-la contains more cocoa butter-higher. These categories contain a lot of ca-high (over 70%) and have a high fat content (30-40%)

8, High Cacao Powder:

Is the type of ca-special high almost pure cocoa butter-without the high. Ca-high powder pale, acidic and dark chocolate scent-she-la is very strong.

People often use ca-high when making cakes with baking powder. Because baking powder is a kind of baz, we will help make the cake has a porosity.

Ca-high powder can be manufactured according to two schools: natural or Dutch-style. Ca-Netherlands high powder usually processed with alkali products before so people usually use it to make the drink although the process handle that part would have ruined the taste of dark chocolate-you-la.

9, the mixture:

Is a word used to refer to professional Canadian mixed with FAT instead of cocoa butter-high. This type is often used to cover the bar Deco-la finished product, but in the United States (us), it was also used to make the chocolate candy bar-she-la.

There are 9 different dark chocolate-you-la and the most popular. I hope with this article, the sisters can distinguish types of dark chocolate-you-la and pick yourself a flavor match.

You have to understand more about how the sort of dark chocolate-you-la through this article.Chocolate world-her-la always permeated the delicious taste that any faithful crazy dark chocolate-you-la are hard to call. Enjoy the chocolate bar-her-great!

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